Sewer Line Locating

Utility Locating New Mexico

Velasquez Underground Utility Locating specializes in locating underground sewer and septic pipes in the New Mexico area. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to perform sewer line locating on your own. Whether you are remodeling your home, expanding your office space or doing construction it is essential to find underground sewer and septic pipes.

It can be a detrimental mistake to accidentally damage an unknown sewer line, that’s why we want to locate any hidden sewer lines for you. Locating underground sewage pipes and lines yourself can be an extremely difficult task to accomplish. When you try to tackle this job on your own it can lead to a variety of problems. Instead of stressing about finding underground sewer and septic pipes by yourself just contact us. Velasquez Underground Utility Locating knows how to locate any underground sewer and septic pipe in the New Mexico area.

Velasquez Underground Utility Locating wants you to feel at ease when it comes to sewer line locating. Our professional staff has over 16 years experience and knows how to deal with just about anything. We also have state of the art equipment to make locating septic pipes and underground sewers a breeze.

When you have to worry about finding a septic pipe on your own you run the possibility of injuring the line and paying costing repairs. Velasquez Underground Utility Locating doesn’t want you to pay any fees for damages that could have been prevented by our services. Make the decision to avoid unnecessary expenses by calling on us to deal with all of your sewer line locating.

Velasquez Underground Utility Locating will go above and beyond to make sure you aren’t responsible for broken, offset, damaged or flat sewer lines. Our sewer line locating services will allow you to build, dig or excavate without having to worry about a thing. We are interested in saving you time and money by making sure that you easily find hard to locate underground sewer and septic pipe lines.

Next time you are looking for a company to handle all of your underground sewer and septic pipe give us a call. Velasquez Underground Utility Locating is invested in you as a customer and wants to meet all of your underground sewer and septic pipe locating needs.