Gas Line Locating

Utility Locating New Mexico

Velasquez Underground Utility Locating can manage all of your underground gas line and pipe locating in the New Mexico area. Rupturing underground gas lines due to excavation can be incredibly hazardous for you and your home. Let our professional team work on locating gas line and pipes so you don’t have to.

When our team becomes involved in your gas line locating you can rest assured we will do a quality job. With over 16 years experience we know how to find any underground gas line and pipe that may be in your way. Whether you are renovating your office space, remodeling your home or doing construction we can take care of you in the New Mexico area. Velasquez Underground Utility Locating has the right equipment and skilled staff to make your underground gas line locating a complete breeze.

It’s our privilege to make locating underground gas and pipe lines a simple process. Velasquez Underground Utility Locating has always made customer service our number one priority on every job we perform. When you hire us for gas line locating we will ensure that we will find every hidden underground gas line and pipe. Our services will give you peace of mind so you won’t have to deal with the aftermath of damaging an underground gas line.

Velasquez Underground Utility Locating wants to manage all of your gas line locating in order to save you time and energy. Taking the responsibility of locating underground gas lines and pipes on your own can lead to a variety of issues. If you don’t have the right equipment you may miss calculate where specific gas lines and pipes are located. Another problem you can run into while trying to find your own gas line is the risk of an explosion and toxic inhalation to workers. When ruptured gas lines leak it can spread toxic gas throughout the air and potentially causing damage to your health.

Next time you are searching for a reliable company to take care of your underground gas line and pipe locating give us a call. Our professional staff has years of experience locating underground gas and pipelines. When you rely on our team for all of your gas line locating services you can guarantee you will be satisfied.