Water Line Locating New Mexico

Underground Utility Locating Services

Utility Locating New MexicoAre you working on a construction project? Do you want to install a pool? Plant a tree? Before you dig, you’ll need underground utility locating service. As your certified professionals, we are equipped to locate all types of utility lines for you. From gas line to water line locating in New Mexico, we have your project covered.

As the premier underground utility line locator and electrical detection service in the area, Velasquez Underground Utility Locating offers a full line of utility locating services, including:

  • Water lines and pipes: Don’t risk a water main break due to uninformed digging. Let us identify crucial piping before you begin.
  • Steam lines and pipes: Breaking a steam pipe can cause serious injury. We’ll locate these lines for you to keep your project safe.
  • Gas lines and pipes: The location of gas lines can help determine the next steps of your project. We’ll locate them to provide direction.
  • Sewer lines and pipes: Proper drainage systems are essential to every project. Sewer line locating in New Mexico is one of our specialties.
  • Electric lines: Are you unsure how to plan around existing electrical supplies? We can help.
  • Telephone lines: Don’t cause a loss of communication. Allow us to locate phone lines before you begin your project.
  • Oil lines and pipes: Damaged oil lines can be costly and environmentally hazardous. We’ll locate these utilities to ensure a healthy project.
  • Fiber optics: Wondering where those fiber optic lines were installed? We’ll find them.
  • Metal: If manholes or valves are buried, we can locate these metal objects underground.

With our comprehensive service offerings, it is easy to see why customers throughout New Mexico rely on Velasquez Underground Utility Locating for their most important projects.

We are available seven days a week for your convenience. Contact us today at 505-470-4521 with all your utility locating needs.