Make Sure Your Contractor Calls for Underground Cable and Power Line Locating in New Mexico

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When you’re planning to hire a contractor to carry out a large project on your property, there are countless factors you need to consider as you’re preparing for the job to begin. Before any of the following projects, make sure you or your contractor has called us to check for underground utility lines:

  • Landscaping and gardening: Yard projects—such as planting trees, installing flowerbeds, removing shrubs and more—are almost always going to involve digging. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a few inches, but many utility lines are just below the surface, which means they’re in danger of being hit by a shovel or spade.
  • Home additions: Adding a porch, deck or sunroom to your home? Before the digging starts, make sure your contractor calls for underground cable and power line locating in New Mexico. Substantial projects like these can take much longer when utility line repairs have to be factored into the plan.
  • Swimming pools: Having an in-ground pool installed on your property is cause for excitement, and you don’t want to have to postpone your first big pool party because your contractor unexpectedly hit an underground cable or power line during the digging process. Call ahead to avoid the headache.

Velasquez Underground Utility Locating is happy to work with you or your contractor to complete underground cable and power line locating in New Mexico. Call us before you start your project!

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